Thursday, July 30, 2009


1. You can't use money to buy any of God's gifts
Acts 8:18-20.

2. You can use money to do God's work but you can't use it to buy God's miraculous gifts just because you're excited about the way He works (Acts 4:36,37 with Acts 8:18-20).

3. illegal people or worldly folks do request money to release you if you find yourself in the cage( Acts 24:25-27).

4.your intense passion to make money can destabilize your right thinking about life and your destiny( 1 Tim.6:10).

Friday, March 20, 2009


1. Sensitivity.
Being sensivity is very powerful. Don't sleep off your destiny. Get set and get awake. The more you loose your sensitivity the more tendency to loose the potential of creating your wealth.
2. Motivation.
Motivation is an inspiration generator. In the abasence of motivation, you can't be inspired to fulfil your dreams. it takes your motivation to get you move on.
3. Action.
Setting your goals is not like acting on them. Being active involves being critical about the way you do things. Actions are powerful; their consequences are very relative to becoming a success.
4. Rationality.
To be rational is to apply your senses. Your power of sensualization. In whatever you do, never you begin your task by loosing your senses.
5. Tactiveness.
Achievers are very terrific. They guess into the future and act like someone knows the future. Quite all right we are not GOD but we can only get into the future when we don't believe what fears tell us constantly. If you don't train your brain to get cool and cooller you may get hot and loose your power of tactiveness. Apply your haert to every task. See into things, and guess out thier successes and believe them no matter how.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Standing Out Amidst the Job Candidate Sea of Mediocrity

You're looking for work. Feeling the squeeze. You're pulling out all the stops, but the number of decent positions is dwindling - seemingly by the day. You're getting some action, but not the kind of interest you'd like.

Some days your job search can seem so miserably futile. The odds are terrible; too many people are vying for that sliver of pie.

But take heart.

There's a sea of competition out there, yes. It's getting larger every month. But a lot of those candidates are, frankly, mediocre. (Not to mention the small, but always interesting, pool of really terrible candidates).

Lest you think my assessment is cruel, I underscore that I'm talking about candidates. A person who is a mediocre candidate may be a very strong employee. Hardworking, Industrious. Dependable. Loyal. Productive.

The terms "good candidate" and "good employee" are not automatically synonymous - in fact, it's not unusual at all for a "good employee" (even a "terrific employee") to be a "not so good" candidate.

Therein lies the rub. Far too many employees - sometimes really good, valuable employees - have no idea what they need to do to transform themselves into stellar candidates.

Hiring managers are drowning in abysmally written resumes. When they invite people in, a fair number make some of the same stupid interviewing mistakes candidates have been making since the days of typewriter ribbon and mimeograph machines...along with a few entertaining newer entrants to the "stupid mistakes" category.

Why am I telling you this?

And why should this put a spring in your step?

Because it's great news.

You don't have to be one of those people. You can be a great employee and a great candidate! Maybe you already are.

If you know how to distinguish yourself from the masses - if you know what's unique about you and how to articulate it on paper (on your cover letter and in your resume) and verbally (while networking and interviewing) - if you know how to get inside the hiring manager's head and position yourself in such a way that you're a solution to her problem - then you're well on the way to being one of those strong candidates.

Which means you will eventually cut through the noise and perform like the star that you are. It may take longer because there is unquestionably more clutter these days, but you will do it. It's only a matter of time.

No doubt about it...there are a lot of people looking for work right now. But don't let that get you down. A sizable number of them are mediocre candidates. And you're going to leave most of them behind in the dust.

Rebecca Metschke helps professionals improve their marketability. The author of The Interview Edge (, a comprehensive career guide to career management, she also writes a daily blog posting strategies, tips and advice for those whose careers are in transition

Thursday, March 12, 2009


What influences people is the kind of choice they make individually. Your choices are the symptons of your success of failure. The way you do things and the way you appear are the reflections of the kind of choices you have made in your life. You need to make one either to go up or to go down.
Until you understand the basic rules of achieving the kind of life you want, you can't ever imagine the kind of power in making your own choice in life. Many people are not successful because they never make the choice to become. Everything in life is determined by the kind of choices we make moment by moment, day by day. Thousands of choices flow inside our heart in disguise of thoughts or imginations. What really happens to you is that you don't which one you should make and how you are going to know if it will work.
The choice is yours! Nobody makes it except by the choice they make.You can't grow bigger than your choices. Your failure or success is a consequence of your choices. Make one will lever you step number one toward your goal.
The step number one is made by following the rule of criticality, "Be highly critical the way you think, be sensitive to make the very right judgment. Guide yourself with your open mind. Read situations; judge circumstances but however tough, never let them limit your goal."
What most people don't know is that nothing will take anybody to their goals execpt their choices. You will begin failing yourself if you leaving your life for chance. Never do that to hurt yourself. You can achieve by doing that. The rule of criticality will make you become highl smart and it will sensitize your reasoning power.
When you have no hope for life, there is no choice to make. The step number two is by following the rule of hope, " Visualize the best, always learn how to take the better actions. Sensualize your thinking with what you see. Loss of vision is loss of hope. Make as many "hopes" as you can." The choice you make is the substance of what you hope for. Assume that you are to plant a seed to get a big tree of its kind, you can't get the tree unless you make that choice of planting the seed. You have run a mile more than someone who is making no choice. Your choice is sowed with your hope.
What kind of mentality you live with. how do you see things? What kind of views do your imaginations bring forth? If your orientation is imprisoned by poverty mentality you can't make the choice that create you a good life, you can't see the hope that is really alive. Get your orientation free off the prison. Break it out of the box. Get it out right now! How will you? Free yourself. You get it out by see things in another angle of free thinking. Don't think like someone who is in bondage. What you must know is that your orientation determines your direction. Get yourself to the right direction will make you great beyond limit.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Dear readers,
It's being too great to have you on my blog here. I'm going to give you some critical steps to greatness that will show you the very way of increase beyond doubts. I welcome you to my site. I tell you the truth. I'm never going to take it small it you. You're all good guys. Get home here, stay friendly and feel free.
Please bear with me. Very soon I get this update.

Yours sincerely
Idowu Tunde