Friday, March 20, 2009


1. Sensitivity.
Being sensivity is very powerful. Don't sleep off your destiny. Get set and get awake. The more you loose your sensitivity the more tendency to loose the potential of creating your wealth.
2. Motivation.
Motivation is an inspiration generator. In the abasence of motivation, you can't be inspired to fulfil your dreams. it takes your motivation to get you move on.
3. Action.
Setting your goals is not like acting on them. Being active involves being critical about the way you do things. Actions are powerful; their consequences are very relative to becoming a success.
4. Rationality.
To be rational is to apply your senses. Your power of sensualization. In whatever you do, never you begin your task by loosing your senses.
5. Tactiveness.
Achievers are very terrific. They guess into the future and act like someone knows the future. Quite all right we are not GOD but we can only get into the future when we don't believe what fears tell us constantly. If you don't train your brain to get cool and cooller you may get hot and loose your power of tactiveness. Apply your haert to every task. See into things, and guess out thier successes and believe them no matter how.

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